Let's grow together

We want to build a very strong community for designers. Our idea is much bigger than what is today Calltoidea, but being a project that we carry forward only by passion, we do not have the resources to make it grow as we would like.

We have many other projects like Calltoidea, which we launch only to carry on our passion, such as Favinks, Neexpro, Shared Wallet and many others.

If you want to support us in this adventure and you are interested in getting to know our team better, do not hesitate to contact us (info@brainin.it). We can not wait!

Promote your brand on Calltoidea

Do you want to promote your product or brand with Calltoidea? We are open to the publication of advertisements on our site, which counts over 100 thousand visits a month, from 2011.
Contact us for more information on terms and conditions info@brainin.it